How to talk to your couples about Covid-19

10 Free social media captions.

10 Free Social Media Captions to Support your Couples through Covid 19

This year has been difficult to navigate, no doubt about it. With emotions running so high, it's hard to know what to say and how to say it. 
That's where I come in! I'm sharing my exact social media captions I've used to support my couples through this. 

Get ready to copy and paste... 
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"I wanted to let you know how much your social media posts have meant to me. I have been so upset over all of this and your posts are so encouraging and heartfelt. They have made me feel a little more at ease with everything. Thank you so much."

Samantha and Matt
Original Wedding Date June 27, 2020. Postponed to November 28, 2020

This year, have you struggled to find the right words?

I'll tell you what to say and when to say it. I'm giving you my EXACT social media captions that got the review above.  

Your couples will leave feeling supported, hopeful and encouraged to plan for 2021. Let them know you get it, you're here with them. 

I'm giving you the words!

What's inside?

  • 10 written-for-you captions, all related to planning a wedding during Covid 19. 
    (ready to copy and paste, saving you hours of time)
  • Tips to help you customize the captions to fit YOUR business and service. 

  • Category suggestions and note pages so you can brainstorm your own content as well!

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A Note From Lindsay...

I’m Lindsay! Wifey to Ryan and new mama to our sweet baby boy, Jamison. I’m also the owner of a custom wedding invitation company, Hoopla House Creative. Through personality packed content, and out of this world customer service, I’ve managed to grow our company from $30k to $300k in yearly revenue. All from the comfort of my home, in my PJs.

But then, 2020 happened and everything changed (well, except for the PJs part). When sh*t hit the fan this year, I immediately had to pivot and focus on 3 things...
1. Helping my couples through this mess.
2. Taking a step back to evaluate our business and services. (What worked for 2019, will not work for 2020/21 weddings. We needed to pivot.)
3. Scheduling appointments with 2021 couples to secure their dates and start planning. 
Sometimes, in seasons like this, it’s okay to shift your focus.  Some years are for hustling, and others are for nourishing. For supporting your tribe. 
I'm here to help you do just that...  
I'm ready! Send it to me!
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